Founded in 2005, Phoenix power has provided power supply and drive solutions for AGV, electric forklift, aerial platform vehicle, cleaning equipment, floor washer and all kinds of electric driven mobile equipment of more than 1500 customers.

We have established an excellent supply chain foundation for the key parts of electric drive wheel and steering wheel products, such as motor, gear, drive control system, etc. Combined with our strong R & D and design capabilities and the technical strength of the factory, Phoenix power has always been at the leading level in the electric drive industry.

Through our efforts for many years, our products have achieved standardized production based on the modular design of products. At the same time, we can easily and quickly provide customers with small and medium-sized customized products. Within the maximum power range of 50KW, customers are more and more flexible in selection.

We also specially design better matching casters for AGV vehicles. These casters can make AGV vehicles operate more easily and flexibly under load-bearing conditions, effectively reduce the energy consumption of AGV vehicles, and have a longer service life.

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Add : No. 125, Lufeng West Road, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China
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